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My brain simply will not focus on Civil Procedure. This is bad, because I'd given Civ Pro the least amount of attention on the grounds that it was my only 24 hour take home exam, and I've barely begun to review.

If any of you see me online, outside of a library, or anywhere without a Civil Procedure book in my hand, shout at me loudly. Please. I just spent an hour looking at the 2001 mock exam, and it might as well have been testing my knowledge of electrical engineering or air conditioner maintenance.

How exactly has Three Years of Hell managed to contract down to Three Days of Hell? And what is the land speed record for developing an ulcer?


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I think everyone's in the same boat. I've put all of a couple hours of studying into civ pro so far, and I can't help but notice that my motivation and focus are sorely lacking. Maybe we can all conspire to write equally mediocre essays, and Sturm can give us all B+'s.
After taking my Civ Pro exam (featuring a 3 page fact pattern about Scully, Mulder and aliens) yesterday and after reading other 1L descriptions of their first exams, I can only come to the conclusion that law professors are responsible for most of the Gawdawful fan fiction that permeates the internet. And yes, I was woefully unprepared although I think it was a B or B+ effort in the end. I wish I had bought the Glannon book more than two weeks ago.
I think everyone in our class is feeling the same way so I wouldn't worry too much.
online searching for civil procedure flow chart and found your site.. haha.. how great.. i'm in the same boat.. 24hr take home civ pro exam to pick up 10am tomorrow morn ... and i have not even begun to review! yikes... well i'm sure you got through it and hopefully i will... good luck with the few more years of hell... i'm just finishing my first... ahhh.. never again!
Civ Pro. It's the worst. My exam is a timed 3-hour, half multiple choice, half 3-pages-of-facts-single-spaced essay question. I could memorize everything in my Emanuel's outline, and I still wouldn't feel ready for that. T-1 week.

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