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Today, I simply flaked. I've not cracked my texts, and it's after seven. I just couldn't force myself to look at them, and actually remained in bed until noon. Let's put it this way: I've been so non-productive I've not even scanned my daily websites.

This isn't good: I still have two large sections of Con Law to review, and I need the weekend for Criminal Law.I was hoping to have it done by today so that Monday and Tuesday would be nothing but review. This doesn't look likely.

The worst part about spirals like this is that you kick yourself for the fact you've not done the work, and that doesn't inspire you to do it. So in the last fifteen minutes I've started four loads of laundry, I'm ordering food, and I'm prepping to be up until the early hours in repentance. One way or another, Con Law outlining ends this evening...


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Ha! You and me, both. At least we'll have clean clothes to wear to our exam!
Yeah, unless I'm mistaken, you had dinner at the same restaurant that ordered take-away from tonight. So we'll probably have the same food poisoning. :)

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