Right, testing from MT 3.0 land...
Bit of a Mess Here...
Had to Comment on This
Very Annoyed At Trackback Spam
It's been a day
The Only Wisdom About Star Wars You Really Need
Not Really What I Meant
Glad To See Someone Saying it
A9.com: Gotta Be Something Wrong With This
It's Getting Drafty Again, or How Eugene Volokh Almost Singlehandedly Saves the Huffington Post from Becoming A Left-Wing Echo Chamber
A Few Changes...
So Long and Thanks For All The Briefs
Break's Over
Brief Hiatus
Swimsuit Issue
Quick Book Review and Thoughts on a Culture of Life
Current Currency
The Trouble with Jetlag
Arrived in Hong Kong
Update on Law Review Software
Why One Should Love the Huffington Post
Idealist? You must be joking
Outgeeking Bainbridge
Getting Ready for Hong Kong
Last Exam Today
Blogging a Summer Job
Law School Deans Defend Judicial Independence
Five Things I'm Not Crazy About
Funny As Hell
WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW: Warm Front Blowing East from California...
Chris, Leadership, and The Wisdom of Not Digging When One Is In A Hole
Not the Best Day In The World
Solemn Solomon Prediction
Post Exam Rant
There Ought To Be A (Corollary to Godwin's) Law
Corporations Craziness
It was the worst of Dell, it was the best of Dell
New Blog on Corporate And Commercial Litigation
New York Times Wrong Again. Anyone Surprised?
New Naming?
See, This Would Be A Selling Point For Some Potential Employees
Ethics Question
The Lonely, Homeless Left Finally Has A Place At Harvard
Law Review Symposium
Finally This Ship Can Sail Full Speed Ahead
Congratulations to Joseph Ratzinger (UPDATE: Papal Roundup)
Fixed, maybe?
Whole New Meaning to the Term "Rent Boy"
Wrong On So Many Levels
The Decorous Gentleman of NYU
Hell Is... IRS Logic
NYU and Columbia
Maybe I'm missing something
There's None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See
Clincal Excellence
Kicking The Tires on My Hosting Provider
Finally Get To Say Hello to Jeremy
Ethics, Symbolism, and Bad Television Shows
Back in My Hometown
Is the New York Times Parochial, Or Just Full of Bad Writing?
Playing With Open Source Toys
Sin City Review (Warning, Spoilers)
Ingenious Little So-And-So
I Want
Technology and Law Reviews
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Activist
Useful Tool
A Few New Facts, A Few New Allegations, and What Passes for Democracy In Our Student Senate
What is it about the Papal Eulogies?
Webmonkey Makes New York Times Look Tacky
Unexpected Drama
Don't know if this is liberating or terrifying (UPDATED: Frog Got His List Back)
What the Good Lord Giveth, the Good Lord Taketh Away
The Amazonian Prime Directive
If You're Looking For Deep Thoughts, Look Elsewhere
Because we all need something funny today
Not Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed
Easter Gets A Bad Rap
Strange Firefox Problem
Damn You, Macintosh
Victory to Irishlaw, On Points
Commentary of the Fairer Sex
Symbols, Shame, and A Number of Reasons that Billy Idol is Wrong
Staples Curiousness
Now Reading
Sorry you've not seen me for a while
Do we file this under "The Less They Know, The Less They Know It" or Just Call Him A Naif?
Strange Prejudices
Well, That's Predictable
Test Data that Heidi Bond Could Love
A Few Thoughts on Loyalty
This is not a feature. It's a bug.
Roper, or Justice Kennedy Communes With The Innocence of Youth
Oral Sex and Property Law
The Lost Weekend, or Flu-Blogging
Welcome to the Blogosphere
New Addition to the Blogroll
When Even A Liberal Is Happy For Textualism
At 7:15, Expect A Train Wreck
Books and Such
Things Worth Knowing About
Abortion Makes Strange Bedfellows?
Sushi for the Sweet Tooth
Welcome to Chairman Howard Dean
St. Curmudgeon's Day
If You Got Tired Of Elijah Wood As A Hobbit...
I Wish I Had Time To Go (Photo)Shopping
Nice to See Illegal Porn Disclosing Its Status?
One Little Recipe For A New (Not Quite) Anarchist's Cookbook
The Professional Freedom of the Academic, or The Secret People of Colorado, Who Have Not Spoken Yet
Advice: FAQ Scripts
Question for My Readers
Cool. Helpful. The United Nations
Just. Plain. Wrong.
I've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Two Words That Strike Terror Into the Heart of Tony
Silly Dowdy, Rhetorical Tricks Aren't For Kids...
Can You Smell The Intellectual Bankruptcy?
Over. Done. Brain Fried.
Bluebook Citation Challenge
And They Go To The Polls
Hunkered Down
The Lack of Refractive Qualities of Dorm Glass, or A Warning to the Afternoon Post-Coital Set
Such a long day...
Because it's a virus that's going around
Minor Annoyance
I'm Moonlighting as a Law Student
Very Long Rebuild Times
Writing Contest Announcement
Theme of the Week
Not quite hotter than hell, but...
Symposium on Sentencing
The Phytoplankton Agenda, or The Very Cunning Plan of the Evil Mr. Plankton
More Political Haruspicy, or Not Every Chicken Little Is A Cassandra
My Belly Is A Science Fiction Double Feature
Great B-Sides
New Stuff
Cool App of the Day
This Blog Endorses Dean for DNC Chair
New Things to Read
Working, Fixing Computers...
Book Lust
Contrarian News
In Search of Facts
The Last Word On Rather
Always Willing To Answer
My Sympathies to Those in Con Law
Things I'm Selling My Soul For
Notes and Memos
If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Stack His Body Next To Mine
Someone Lay The Truth Bare
What's Stranger? That Someone Googled for This, or That They Found Me?
The Tackiness One Only Gets By Going to College
The Paradoxical Perils of Passion About One's Note Topic
The March of Doom
The Fraternity of the Damned, Part II
Brian Leiter v. National Review
Amazon Red Cross Donation Link
The Incredible Inverse Efficiency Engine
CJR, Rather, and Burden-Shifting
New Years, And No Resolutions
Words Fail
Christmas Posting
Congratulations, Jeremy
Why I Read Brian Leiter
Lock In
Christmas Wars Indeed
If I'm Debating God and Cheese, I Really Should Go To Bed
A Few Days Of Paradise in Three Years of Hell
Brief Study Note
Advice Accepted
So much to say, but.... no.
Two Views of Sheer Hell
Study Break: La Llorona
Update on Introspective Wonderland and the Ideologically Balanced Academic World
Hollywood Hates Us
God, Profit, and Philip Pullman
Introspective Wonderland and the Ideologically Balanced Academic World
A Little Levity, and A Wish for the 1Ls
Late to the Bandwagon
Not In My Tribe
S-Code: Spam Begone
How? In God's Name, How Did He Do That?
Y'know, because I have free time
Making some changes
Adam's Back
Words You Don't Want To Learn
Scheduling Strategies, Revisited
Epstein v. Moglen, Steel Cage Deathmatch Edition
The Third Circuit of UnSolomonic Wisdom, or I'm With Althouse on This One
Build Your Own Old-Fashioned
First Up Against the Wall When the Revolution Comes
Happy Thanksgiving
Ronnie Earl, Superprosecutor
Advice on Accepting Any New Projects While a 2L
One Last Note for the Night
Time Waster of the Day
Rights to Rites
Gaming Delay, or Ethics for Fun and Profit
Mo'Blogging Open Thread
If Idle Hands Do The Devil's Work...
In Case You Doubt The Existence of Evil
Whoever's responsible, cut it out. You make us look bad.
Lets Get Wasted and Build
Things You Hear Too Often At Law School
Japanese Character Entry on an English PDA
Bring Me The Head of Bill Gates
Do You Still Hear the Silence of the Law Review, Clarice?
Strangest Rejection Letter of All
Things You Might Not Know About the Scopes Trial
Post-Election Reading
Post-Election Thoughts
Oh Lord, I Pledge, I Pledge, I Pledge
Fellow Curmudgeons
New Grauniad Mistake
Last Word On Election Blogging Before Tuesday: This Blog Endorses Bush
Confirm Your Prejudices
Guilt, Lunch, and Other Firm Concerns
Wasting Time Proves You're Alive
Batman is a Republican and Spiderman is a Democrat
In Case All This Reality Is Getting You Down
Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow
Tool of the Trade, or the Law Blogger Cocktail Party
Political Ennui
Nicholas Kristof, Theological Man of Absurdity
Non-News In Politics
Talking Out Of Turn
New Abode
Hope For the World
Do You Hear That Sound? That's The Knell of Apathy
Poll Watching, Stock Watching
Realpolitik Lives
Google Geek Heaven
When you're up to your ass in alligators
Noteworthy Disasters
In Defense of IRAC
Say it ain't so, John...
Brief Thoughts About Computer Use In Exams
Strange Conversations
Why I Will Not Be Watching the Debates
Posted [Almost] Without Comment
Credit Where Credit is Due
A Few Quick Thoughts on Fair Game
Noteworthy [Ir]relevance [See Updates]
Policy Update
The Trouble With Law Review When You're Short on Time
Leiter Fantasy
Finally, some legal analysis
Jimmy Swaggart: This Man Makes Me Vomit
RatherGate: The End?
Request For Technical Help
Not a 50/50 Split
This Is Sort of Amusing
A Public Service Message For Users of Microsoft Word
"Mom" and "Pop" Get A Real Job
Mind-Numbing Incompetence at CBS
"Torrential Rains"?
So You Say You Want A Resolution
One More Reason To Love the Bluebook
A Question for Senator Kerry
Tenuous Connections and Completely Unnecessary Bluebooking
Why Wasn't I Here?
Ad Hominem Attacks At Amazon
Dear Wormwood: Get A Job
RSS and Blogspot
Christmas in Cambodia, Texas Lt. Governors Who Travel Through Time
The Fiction of Belief
Redundant. Redundant.
Writing to come, promise!
Quick notes
Wheat, Blogs, and Journalism
Credit Where Credit Is Due
Not So Much About Adultery, But...
The Abolition of (Homosexual) Man
Sorry for the Silence
Keyes to the Kingdom
Ignoring Persuasive Authority
There's hope for legislatures yet
Can Crescat Have Comments?
Howl's Moving Castle
Do Your Part For Democracy: Screw A Liberal
All Hail Commandant Edwards
Only funny if you read Asimov
Must... Check... Bluebook...
Apologies on The Continuum, or Why Friends Don't Let Friends Use Blogger
One More Thin Gypsy Thief
Seeing Beauty
Pro Bono: Good for Picking Up Chicks (Tracts)?
Last Love, First Love
The Internet
New Blogs
EIP Website
A bit... Not Homesick, Really, Since New York Is My Home
Personal Fault
Song Lyric
The "Passion", Revisited
Never Say I Didn't Do Anything for the Democratic Left
Heart on Sleeve, But What A Heart...
Knew I Was Missing Something...
Conversion of Interests
A bit of a change
Quality Control
But do they provide free condiments in schools?
Defeated By Fuji
Beasts on Beauty
The Unprepared and Mount Fuji
Movie Bewonderment
In The Realm of the Senses
Blogger Survivor
How Does One Say This?
Love and Other Subjects for Legal Articles
Moore Is Better
Let's Out The Dogs of War?
Quick note
It appears that congratulations are in order
Will Baude Would Have So Much Less Fun In Osaka, It's Lucky He Doesn't Speak Japanese
Grades have come in
Someone Get This Guy Out of Here
OK, OK, I shouldn't get such joy from this...
Rites of Passage
Evil. Evil. Spam Them to Death
Solum on Justice(s)
Evolving Norms of Blogging
How to Confuse the Japanese Service Industry
Does this man ever learn?
International Kissing Day?
OK, Enough's Enough
Did MoveOn.Org Sponsor the Hitler Advertisements
The Strange And Wonderful
Honest Question: Are Fingernail and Hair Living?
Political incivility
There is being charitable. Then there is simply being dishonest.
More Substantive Criticism of Sunstein
A Further Question
Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much
Critiquing Cass Sunstein
Hitchens on Moore on 9/11
The Honorable Judge Calabresi
Cock of the Walk
Oh, and speaking of Rising 1Ls
Y'know, If I Weren't Already Involved
The Three Years of Hell Pledge of Quality
Hearts and Minds, Fear and Love
And on the 8th day, God saw Examsoft, and it was not good...
Geek Media Update
The Uplifting Company of Crows
Reagan's Heretofore Unknown Influence on the Youth of Ikebukuro
One more
Well, that felt better...
Achieving Positive Goat Flow
What To Do In Your Last Summer Before Law School?
Slaughter, I'm Calling You Out
Con Law Disaster
Comments Ahoy
A slight digression
Sic Transit Gloria Sony
Rest In Peace: Ronald Reagan
Product Lust
Ikebukuro Nights
Catching Up
No, no, no, there's no such thing as an 'activist' judge
Clueless in Tokyo
Not entirely documented feature of MT-Blacklist
A Few Presidential Thoughts
Still vacationing...
Nude Dancing, Venom and Vitriol
Done! (And a week of rest)
Someone explain this to me?
Am I really this dumb?
God Save the Clerk
The Amazing Ms. Lithwick
Strange Google Effects
Sympathy from the Devil
Welcome to the Kritarchy of Massachusetts
Say it ain't so!
If you're in D.C. this summer...
One More Reason Not To Accept A Dorm
Sorry for the Monotony
Competing Interests
Pre-Perspective Jitters
Exam Status Update
Catching Up On Blogging--Can You Tell?
Anecdotal Post, Yet of Some Substance
Con Law Down
Ambiguous, or Merely Vague?
T-2d to Con Law
Negative Words
Richard Gere. J-Lo. In A Movie That Will Make You Ask, "Why Did We Need to Make This?"
Admit it, folks, I'm right.
Faint Praise?
Gotta Love the Clerk
Outline Update
John Kerry: "Give Me The Power To Revolutionize the World!"
Have you filled out your course evaluations? Have you? Have you???
Something in the bucket...
I've Always Wanted to Say This: What Do You Want?
Must Be Very Upset That All Those Profits Towards World Peace Went Nowhere...
"And You Don't Seem to Understand..."
Quick Political Website Commentary
Defending John Kerry
Gaming the System
More Google Pagerank Musings
Desolate Distraction
Law Students And Sharing
AMBIMB LIES! (OK, fibs. OK, maybe not even that...)
Because we all like to waste time on stupid games
OK, Am I Wrong, or Is It Just John Kerry?
Ezula, I Hate You
Not Entirely Welcome Headline Change
Who pays any attention to the syntax of things
Two Blogging Points
Perspectives and Reg State Help
One for the Good Guys
The Course Evaluation Email Mob
Change of Allegiance II
Danger is the Nature of the Darkness
Everything Can Be Blamed On Bush
Extreme Textualism
Inappropriate Banner Ads
Too much
With the pricking of my thumb...
Google Agrees With You
Congratulations to Professor Yin
Washington Revisionism
Ruthless Barbarism
Screwtape is right again...
O'Rourke Alert
Here's Hoping My Children Have Left Feet and Right Feet
Prof. Perspectives Meets Monty Python
How to Torture an Asimov Fan
Dog Bites Air, Misses Man
Love, Memory, and the Kindness of Old Friends
"An Unmitigated Disaster"
Orthodoxy (or, Hey guys!)
Annoyances in Education
Google Trickery and Other Acts of Search Engine Optimization
Exam Threat Warning
This is not what is meant by a Windows Box
Ridiculous Bipartisanship
Writer's Block
Wait for the Flash of Enlightment, then Develop the Outline
Really Random
Yin's Back!
Justice and Virtue?
Moot Court Musings
Geek News Update at the End of Spring Break
Amusing Google Tricks
Things to be thankful for
If I were really good, I'd have seen this one coming...
Blog City is really annoying me now...
Are the Anti-Bush forces really this desperate?
Wow, I've been avoiding work, haven't I?
"from his motherís womb Untimely ripped"
Law School Grades
Strange indeed
Fie on Thee, Ironical Gods!
Continuum Conundrums
Subject to Summary Judgment
So relaxed I'll slip into a coma
Absent thoughts
More Watchful of Exams
Solum, Again...
CODE RED: Moot Court Brief
Captain Euro And the Boggling Mind
Ignorance is Bliss, and Apparently Not Criminal
"Much excitement and feverish activity, but little concert of thoughtful purpose"
One Man, One Note
Continuity Glitch
Only 7:30?
in the Practice, full of Errour and Imposture; And in the Theory, full of unsound Imaginations...
Illusions of Spring
3 Laws Safe
Shepardize (TM) the Bible, Would You?
Much News, But Not Now
Sorry for the interruption...
Eclectic Soul
Bizarre Product Lust
Pick Up Lines That Should Be Illegal
Rereading Lochner
Since it's been doing the rounds...
Why am I here?
The Man Who Was Thursday
No Blood for Pipeweed!
Sorry for the Silence
No More National Party
No Sleep for the Wicked
Tremendous Findlaw Article
Bedside Manner
Not good...
That Strange Sound of Silence
The "Hackers" Are Back
The Evil That Men Do
Achilles Heel and Plastic Hair
Not To Be Tossed Lightly Aside, But Hurled With Great Force...
New Reading Material
Missing the Point
Gotta have a sense of humor
Lots of Job Related Posts
Legal Incidents of Marriage
Good News for the Job Season
Dahlia Lithwick is Not My Strange Bedfellow
Deciding to Do Something About Google
So Was There Intent?
Am I Missing Something?
Best Law Review Article Ever
Amen, Brother!
Stupid Web Tricks
Things I Didn't Know
Legal Arrogance
Variation on an Old Theme
A Question to Which I Do Not Have An Answer
Please Welcome
Serious Artistic Value
Way Behind on the Job Search
Primary Horror
Dim, Sultry, Flattering Light
Constitutional Law Madness
There are Coy Summer Associates?
Goodbye, Mr. Wolfson (or, How Not to Let the Turkeys Get Your Down)
Do They Sexually Harass People On Boats?
Wonders of Interconnectivity
Class Action Madness
Does the Washington Post ever check its math?
Virus as an 'Art Form'
Intolerance of Tolerance
One Good Reason Not To Work In Washington
Strange Google Update
On a more lighthearted note
Wormwood, I Haven't Forgotten You
Exam Watch Is Back
New Book Link Feature
Postmodernism Generator
Cronjob Errors
New Feature Coming Soon
More Dean Remixes
Disputing the Communitarian Malaise--One Mouse Click at a Time
Democrats, the Filibuster, and Theft
Howard Dean is Nuts
This Line NEVER Works
No, No, NO!
For God's Sake, Someone Shut Up Robert Nozick!
Reading through the State of the Union Speech
Positively Normative
Here, here!
The Strangeness of Google
Now, I Didn't See THAT Coming...
Dowd v. Dean
Bainbridge for Judge!
If Meat Makes You Impotent, Does Vegetarianism Make You Tacky?
Extreme Keynsianism
The Issue is Moot
I'm Not As Loved As Yesterday
Will Mr. And Mr. Jones Please Step Forward
Return of the Strange Search Terms
So how does one get to Formalism?
First Day Down
Dean Freaks
So tomorrow it begins again
For Those in My Con Law Class
Too Busy
Spawn v. Sandman, Heard by Posner
Secret Santa, Or Someone Trying To Save My Soul
Beyond Parody
Ah, Content Management Systems
Now this is a new concept
Run the Un-named Nazgul as Democratic Candidate!
'Babes Against Bush' are back
Happy New Year!
Change of Allegiance
Men at Work Again
Netscape Help
The Grinch Stole Sex.com
Interview tomorrow
Posner, Gay Marriage, and Legal Reasoning
Men At Work
Hell En Banc
Constitutional Law Books and Website Layout
Three Years of Hell Up All Night
Hijacking... John Kerry Style
Happy Birthday
So... the Civ Pro exam
OK, one more before bed
Can someone sick McKinnon on them?
Children never learn from the mistakes of their elders
The Filibuster uses the Chewbacca Defense?
Guaranteed to Make the Clerk's Blood Boil
Civil Procedure: Other Men's Flowers
WANTED: Sergeants with Literary Backgrounds
Contracts Done. One to Go
Hacking Hatch, Part II
Press Release from the Ancien Regime
Contracts: Code Red
There's a World Outside These Walls...
Contracts: Condition Yellow
Rhetoric and Reality
Mentors, Smart Folk, and Site Redesign
Studying for Contracts
Here we go!
Unconstitutional On Grounds of Incomprehensibility?
Aside: Sen. Paul Simon dies
Panic Level: Still Yellow
Panic Level Yellow
Blink and you miss it (Pointless consumerist post)
Status Report
Left Deploys the Googlebomb
Hacking Hatch
Greetings, New Readers?
(Mile)Stones in the Road
Chocolately Goodness
Comments and comment fields
Because conservatism is, you see, conservative...
A Cynical View of Law Firm Hiring Practice
Two More Bits of Procrastination
Buy Nothing Day
Places to Study
Distraction and Deviance
Behave, my rebellious brain
Giving of thanks
Quite funny, unless you're in Utah
Wait a second--it's OK as an S&M term, but not appropriate for Comp Sci?
All Old Generals Fight the Last War
Findlawless.com and Economic Illiteracy
Paris Hilton Sex Video (Shameless Google Plug)
Courage, Cowardice, and a Good Cigar
I can't miss this...
The Red Cross, AIDS, and LSAT Practice
Pro-Life Hacking?
The Homosexual Agenda
I'm not dead yet!
Fraternity of the Damned
The Imp of the Perverse Gets Married
Speak of the Devil
And so it begins...
Rhythm of the Blues
Justices in Shoulder Pads
David Lee Roth Has Gained a Few Pounds
Lies, Damned Lies, and Judicial Statistics
New T-Shirt Idea
Vital Vidal?
Forget the 'Downward Spiral of Politicization," Let's Just Excoriate the Bad Taste
Evil Plan Step 1: Acquire Topiary Garden
They don't get to live with me until they start paying rent
What passes for 'nonpartisan'?
If Google IPOs, can it use the money to buy Lexis and Westlaw?
Is Howard Dean Karl Rove's Secret Weapon?
First Exam Passed, It Seems
OK, This Will Never Happen At Columbia Law School
OK, I'm dead tired
CleverCactus is really quite clever
Old, Tired, and the Youth is Draining From My Eyes
The Devil and Adam Smith
Would some one shut up National Review before I die of embarassment?
'Exposing oneself' to liability
The completely inexplicable
How can anyone vote for this man?
Well, at least I'm not serious
That's why it's three years of hell...
Ms. Weaver, Meet ISO 9000
This thing's been around for ages...
This study renders men acute, inquisitive, dexterous, prompt in attack, ready in defence, full of resources
Disappointed by Epstein
Simple Lessons I have learned in law school
Amazon is honking me off
Fluorescent Relativity
Kate Michelman is George Bush's best friend
Sympathetic Machine
Legal scholars should not do this to first year students
Five Minute Book Review--Sci-Fi
Over There
Ignobilis Vitae
Matters upon which I'm singularly unqualified to comment
The Euro, The Dollar, and Oil
A New Millenium
Anonymous Blogging
Another good saying
Strange Asceticism
Slightly Overwhelmed
Addictive (courtesy of my brother)
Volokh on Solomon and Perspective
Eccentric Legal Knowledge
Senatorial Asylum
Why I've been feeling old today
Morituri te salutamus
Legal Methods Studying
Attention Marvel Fans...
See through the Elvish Propaganda!
Politics and Politenesses
Shame, shame, old man!
This Imp May Have to Eat His Words
Solum's Law
(Non Law) Questions I Need Resolved
Devil's Dictionary
It all comes down to this
Next bit of outside reading
"What Happens When You Slam Hansard and MATLAB together Really Hard"
Someone tell me this is patently ridiculous
Public Disinterest
Limp Bizkit and the Breach of Contract
A Travesty, A Tragedy
Break Open Onion, Weep Tears of Joy
The Abolition of Marriage
My Name Is Not Daniel, My Faith Is Not That Strong
Why are you buying my condoms?
Health Tip: Your Back Will Thank You
the best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids flutter
Could I NOT link to this from Three Years of Hell?
Quite possibly the worst movie I'll never see
[I] Am Urged By Your Propinquity
Crazy people
Fear and Anxiety in Gotham City
I feel unclean... so unclean...
Cell Phone Etiquette
Ruining your law school productivity
Dinner, Dessert, Torts
Sweet Home Alabama
Clark: Rumsfeld's a Swell Guy
A Tortuous Peace
Almost Famous
Women's Soccer: Strangely, My Heart Won't Bleed
Joyous Shock of Recognition
Return of the King Trailer Now UP
A pleasant weekend... I must be doing something wrong
Computer-filled productivity
Weekend Thoughts: Fearless Spectator, the Original Curmudgeon
Where did my shut down button go?
More Political Incivility
Vital Statistics
Insanely useful Microsoft Outlook trick
The Joke that Dare Not Speak Its Name
You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake
Legal Depression
Grumble grumble... Quicksilver
Yes, I'm 29
Highly Humiliating
Free legal lesson of the day: Coase Theorum
Dean Is Driving the Democrats Mad
First Study Group Session
Waning days of summer
I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just a Little Unwell
Chocolate Tort
Writing I Hate
Never Again (Until the Next Time)
J. E. Dionne
Books off topic
In other news...
So long, and thanks for all the Finesse
Oh to be a kid again...
Legal Templates
Curmudgeonly Clerk has moved...
Ouch. There's no other word for it
Artistic Excursion
Microsoft Margaritaville
This is so wrong
Bring Back Bork
Why Law School Is Not Like High School
Torts Question: Volto and the Kissing Cousins
Question resolved
Bloody Techno Illiterates
Sex, Lies, and Contracts
Torts is Torts
How not to make money
Don't Stress About Exams?
Good Country Covers. Bad Country Covers
Hell's Kitchen Update
The Last Shred of Dignity
Exam Schedules
Happy Birthday to Me...
Putridity has become policy
MEChA: It's not just for anime geeks anymore
Estrada Withdraws, Schumer Waxes, Cynicism Wins
Web-based Chaos
Best line of the day
Methodological Distraction
Determined Optimism
If you can't stand the heat...
Whiskey, Wires, and Women
Just plain dowdy
Bush v. Gore II: Update on the Taco Bell Election
Ben v. Jerry: I've found my Pro Bono Opportunity!
For my old web-developer friends
A new form of torture
Inexplicable associations
Rule 1 of Socratic Method
Judge Moore: Defender of Stare Decisis
The itinerant chef strikes again
Wonder of wonders!
What a piece of work is law!
I'm never going to get any work done if I keep reading the prolific Volokh
Because I've got *so* much free time on my hands
Blue Laws
I'd Like an Arnie with Fire Sauce
I'm happy I don't go to Berkeley
Coming to you via pirate signal
There's a ship lies rigged and ready in the harbour...
Bloom County is back
Did you look behind the cushions?
Those who do not learn history are condemned to go into engineering...
He's Been Terminated
Back to Law and Politics
Class choices, goals, law review, and your moment of zen
Freddy v. Jason
OK, maybe that work estimate was a bit optimistic...
Not for the unsure of stomach
Classes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Lemons and Lemonade
The New Hit Movie: Law School Monk!
It was full of stars...
Dorm Life and Other Distractions
Welcome to the Malebolge
The time has come, the walrus said
In the spirit of other truly bad song's I've linked to
I know I'm on the right side of the fight...
The Curmudgeon on File Sharing
An Idiot Texas Governor with Folksy Sayings, Strong Religious Impulses, and a Tin Ear for Politics
Confession of a Wayward Republican
RSS vs. IBM?
Filing and packing
Evil Prehistoric Beasties
Get everybody and their stuff together... 3, 2, 1, Let's Jam...
What's it like when it storms in New York?
Reality leaves its grimy little teethmarks upon my flesh
The Importance of Names, and other disappointments
Particularly pertinent
Six Feet Under, Sei Shonagon, and the World of Pre-Modern Blogging
Lawyers, Blogs, and Common Sense
Good God Please Let Howard Dean Run...
Blogging, Boundaries, and Guilty Voyeurism
The Three Beanbag Theory of Keeping Your Soul
Calm before the storm
10K Airport Run
Not really born to be Wilde...
The "No I'm Not A Corporate Mouthpiece" Disclaimer
So how tongue in cheek is Columbia, anyway?
Can I have a G.W. Bush, a side of onion rings, and a Sam Adams?
And introducing... my library!
Attack of the Living Dead Special Prosecutors
Nelson Rocks!
Who's at the party?
Protect and Serve?
The Meaning of Fear
Met my first classmate
Way off topic, but one of the best laughs I've had today.
Homosexuals have an agenda... and probably business cards and a good powerpoint presentation to boot.
You move 16 tons, and...
Copyright norms and litigation costs
Though you're gone, la revolution lives on!
Spirited Away
Spyware and other net hazards
Anyone know how to get things back from the post office?
Momma always told me there'd be days like these
'The Ghosts of Jamestown'
Strom Thurmond
Nature is Annoying
My proofing skills are dire
"Critical Mass," or When Orwell Meets Oppenheimer
Reading Gratz v. Bollinger
Not auspicious
My first intentional reading of a Columbia academic's work: Kendall Thomas' Racial Justice: Moral or Political?
Anne Applebaum takes on NYC
Compromise, glorious compromise
Distractions for Stressed Law Students
To explain my worry at relaxation...
Sometimes I'm happy for copyright violations.
Placing stuff on the net
Some initial resolutions
Things I've been reading today
Political weblogs (as a bit of an aside)
Reading Lists
And so it begins