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Slightly Overwhelmed

Dear Wormwood:

Here's a good suggestion for surviving 1L: don't get behind.

Really. Feel like that movie on Saturday, but know you shouldn't? Don't. See that pretty girl at the bar (and yeah, that's you she's looking at): well, you've got to get up early tomorrow, boy, and sleeping in until noon means you're not finishing the outlining you promised your study group. Don't even think about it.

When all of your task list is red and glaring at you, the guilt alone is enough to get in the way of real work. No matter how much sleep or relaxation you've had, just looking at the enormous and growing pile of work awaiting you is enough to let exhaustion creep over your body. OK, you enjoy your weekend, but you do penance the entire week.

Seriously, Wormwood, don't get behind. The only real upside is the feeling of accomplishment you get when (if) you get caught up again.


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The number one thing Wormwood should know is DON'T GET SICK. Getting behind is manageable if you are well, but not if you are sick. Wellness requires relaxation, regular sleep, and fun. Reading week is when you read the cases you missed. Don't sweat it too much for now....
True story.
True story.
True story.
Sod that, who's the girl and why didn't you get up till noon ;-) M
My advice to a first year law student is to hook into a support group (twelve step or religious or whatever else floats your boat) that can help to keep your confidence up. Depression can lead to procrastination and that is fatal. The first year of law school is like taking a sip of water from a fire hose. It is hard enough to keep up with today's workload. Get behind, and you will never catch up. Just remember, hardly anyone ever flunks out of law school and you almost certainly won't either.

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