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New Naming?

For a while, bloggers have used a term called "instalanche" to describe the effect on a blog when it's linked from Instapundit. It's sort of a smaller form of getting "slashdotted". Twice in the last few weeks, though, I've noticed similar boosts in traffic when people get linked from the Volokh Conspiracy. The first time I noticed a slight spike in traffic when I'd trackbacked to one of the Conspiracy's posts. It was much more obvious when I saw the surge in traffic at De Novo when Prof. Kerr linked to their symposium on law reviews.

What does one call this effect? "Volokhlanch" doesn't scan quite as well. "Volkhanic eruption" sort of muddles the Conspiracy's name. "The site became the victim of the Vast Volokh Conspiracy" doesn't sound like a positive consequence of site traffic. Any suggestions?

UPDATE--The best so far:

  • Any link from Prof. Orin Kerr of the Volokh Conspiracy is a Kerr Package.
  • One suggestion that a blog linked from the VC has been Volokhed. (But the phrase "You know when you've been Volokhed" will probably make more sense to my British readers who have seen to many Tango commercials.)
  • Any post linked from Prof. Solum at the Legal Theory Blog has been officially Solumized. [UPDATE: The wordplay is on "solemnized." I just found out that some of my readers have minds in the gutter.]

More as they come.


:-) One of my friends noticed that the Ex Post transcript of Judge Ginsburg's remarks had gotten linked by Conspirator Randy Barnett, whose post was in turn linked by InstaPundit -- but IP didn't link the Ex post. Friend was trying to figure out what the resultant bit of traffic that would click through IP to VC to EP should be called: "instawavelet"? "instatremor"? As Prof. Kerr is the only Conspirator who seems to be a De Novo reader (and Chris and I are in turn his #1 fans), I think of the resultant traffic as a Kerr package [waits through groans] but for people linked by other Conspirators, maybe call the day that got the jump in traffic "VC Day"? Or why not simply "I got Volokhed"?
Ex Post got a lot of extra traffic when Solum linked to the Yoo/Waldron debate. In light of other recent events, I say that be called being "solomized."
You know when you've been Volokhed...?
Instead of getting a Kerr Package how about getting "Kerrplunked"? Not that this happens that often, or even would have a huge effect, but I sort of like the name.
Isn't Blaine's link for "Solumized" referencing the Scalia incident? Filthy-minded Federalists... ;-)
I'm choosing to believe that it's not what he meant. Behold the power of determined ignorance.
Apropos De Novo's getting a non-Kerr VC link, Armen suggested that we'd been "E. Volanched," which sounds a little close to "evil" to me, but he thought it appropriate.

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