December 16, 2004

Brief Study Note

My study partner's comment on our preparation for Friday's test:
"I usually do a bit more work for an exam, but this time I am reviewing the course de novo."

Bad after midnight study puns. What did my readership do to deserve this?

December 15, 2004

Advice Accepted

Right... so I concentrated a bit too much on my other courses (one of which, it turns out, is unexpectedly pass/fail), so now I've got a little under 41 hours to learn all of Property Law.

Anyone with advice at this point is welcome to comment. In the meantime, the next twenty four hours are likely to be a triumph of cramming over preparation...

December 14, 2004

So much to say, but.... no.

The fact of pressing exams and deadlines has, unfortunately, hit me like a brick to the back of the head. There's a lot I'd like to write about, but if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, it's because I've secluded myself in the belly of some deep, hidden library in a desperate attempt to figure out what a "system of estates" is and why anyone would ever care about one.

UPDATE: Given my chronic lack of time at the moment, I can only fear that I'm going to agree with Heidi when she says:

So many more tiny threads make sense. The timing is better. Weird stuff comes together. The theatrical version was just too short.

Those of you who know what she's talking about don't need to be told. The rest of you haven't been marking your calendars.

But given the overwhelming time pressure I feel at the moment, the prospect of feeling a compelling urge to watch five hours of movie fills me with a paradoxical dread.

December 06, 2004


The most well-known maxim of Aleister Crowley must certainly be, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Although most commentators would claim that the old British occultist was speaking with an almost Kerryite nuance when he made that statement, it's safe to say that the majority outside the Crowleyite community have considered this priniciple to be a Very Bad Idea Indeed.

To those of us facing an upcoming property exam, however, Crowley's first principle begins to gain an almost unholy appeal. Forget its implied ideas of license or licentiousness. When one is busily trying to cram a melange of sixteenth-century common law tradition and 1940's legal realism into one's head; when one's outline looks like a crazy mass of seemingly unrelated charts; when one can't tell the head of a household from a fee-tail... well, the idea that the whole of the law can be summarized in four simple words seems damnably attractive.

Besides, no professor in the world could build a difficult hypothetical around just four words of code, could they?

Giving The Devil His Due

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